Cataract surgery:

Cataract is the frosting of the lens inside the eyes, which cause deterioration of vision, and is mostly related to old age, although it could be congenital and appear in young children.

Treatment is with surgical removal of the cataract and replacing it with a new artificial lens.

These days cataract surgery is straightforward and most of the cases is accomplished with microscopic incisions without the need of suturing. The surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia and the patient could be at his or her home the same day.

If the patient request, a laser refractive surgery could be applied to provide wider range of vision to cover the far, intermediate, and near vision (Prebyond laser surgery). Presbyond laser surgery has the benefit of maintaining the quality of the vision, which could be compromised with other methods of correcting distance and near vision simultaneously  

The cataract surgery is a straightforward in 95% of the cases, however according to the royal college of ophthalmologists, the risk of vision-compromising severe infection could be one in 1,000. There is almost 1 to 5% rate of complication, which could mean that the patient would need further operations, however the outcome would still be very good.

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